I am Rachel Atmadja, an Interaction Designer with roots in architectural design—I craft meaningful experiences that remind us of our humanity.

I received my design education from the School of Architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked professionally as an architectural designer for several firms in the Los Angeles area. Koning Eizenberg Architecture was the last architectural studio I had the honor to join.

I have been designing professionally for over seven years when I shifted my design focus to Digital Product and UX/UI Design. The decision to transition from the architectural to the digital landscape was driven by the realization that I can positively impact more people through designing software than designing skyscrapers.

I also found that in order to design systems that interact with people at a more relational level, it was creatively necessary that I shift from designing the tectonics of static building systems to designing the behavior of responsive digital systems.

Motivated by these powerful insights, I entered into formal apprenticeships under two seasoned mentors and began to amass a diverse body of work in the areas of food & health, environmental design, nonprofits, and SaaS. I have been designing and building digital products ever since—it turns out I never really stopped building things after all.

I was fortunate to have worked on a skyscraper, a stadium, and several urban housing projects within the first few years of my architectural career.

As an architectural designer, I was part of the cross-functional design and engineering teams behind the U.S. Bank (Vikings) Stadium, a residential high-rise at San Francisco, and the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton.

Designing experiences and building digital products that empower underserved and marginalized user groups are close to my heart.

My goal as a designer is for people to feel seen and heard in my work. Nothing makes me happier than designing tools that enable people to accomplish far more than what they thought they were capable of accomplishing. Strategizing and designing products that truly make a difference at a personal and relational level is what makes pushing design solutions forward in the face of doubt and uncertainty worth it for me.

Here are a few words from my mentors:

Mike Dekker

UX/UI & Product Designer at Toptal

“Rachel is an extraordinary young woman with a great feeling to create seamless user experiences and memorable user interfaces. As her UX Design mentor at Bloc, I have witnessed her ability to design digital product from start finish on multiple occasions, this includes, research, design, testing, and development. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a solid eager to learn designer.”

Buddy Chung

UX Designer at the University of California, Los Angeles

"Rachel is a talented and meticulous UX designer. She has a keen eye for detail and an amazing sense of design. Her analysis to a design problem is spot on. Aside from being a great designer, her architectural experience has shaped her to think comprehensively and strategically when approaching UX problems thus making her a well-rounded designer. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of UX solutions.”

I still build things.

I sketched, prototyped, and constructed a line of table furniture inspired by architectural hardware pieces and other objects of industry. To put my floral design skills to good use, I arrange bridal bouquets for friends and took orders for mother’s day floral arrangements. When I'm not building things, I read and I garden.

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