I am Rachel Atmadja—a Product Designer focusing on interaction design and UX strategy. I craft meaningful experiences that remind us of our humanity. More

Interaction Design, Mobile App Design

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Putting usability ahead of expressivity in User Interface and Interaction Design

This is Part 2 of 2 in the Ingrain case study, where I learned to ruthlessly edit a design down to a level of simplicity that maximizes content legibility. Examining UI interaction sequences at a granular level taught me to think temporally as I design for the in-between moments of an object's transition.

UX Strategy, Web Design

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Uncovering insights that redefine the MVP and inform the content structure of the Product Page

This is Part 1 of 2 in the Ingrain case study. This first part follows the process of unearthing users' actual mental models, which led to two strategic pivots in defining the target audience of a meal-planning app. Comprehensive user and market research became the starting point for the content structure of the product page.

Digital Strategy, Web Design

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Designing the digital identity of a nonprofit organization in the female-empowerment space

How a website design effort became the catalyst for the Harmony Aikido Foundation (HAF) to crystalize their vision, mission, and goals for the long term. As a Digital Strategist and Web Designer, I worked at the intersection of strategy, design, and technology to align each stakeholder’s respective goals to one another and design a compelling website that is true to HAF's identity.

SaaS, Dashboard design

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Validating a dashboard design through multiple iterate-build-test cycles

What I learned after going through 3 iterate-build-test cycles in order to validate the design of a dashboard for a cloud-based storage platform. The goal is to combine the best features of a cloud-based document viewer and enhance it with a robust commenting feature that allows for conversation threads, so as to create a more efficient feedback loop for remote teams.

Content Creator Platform

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Countering disinformation in the media space with a platform for on-the-ground reporting

Polaris is a tool and a platform for journalists to record eyewitness accounts in one unedited cut. Whether it is capturing video-recordings of survivors' interviews in the aftermath of an earthquake, or recording first-hand accounts told by the last of the World War II generation. Language translation and speech-to-text transcription are some of the key features under consideration.

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