Rachel Atmadja focuses on Service Design and Human-Centered Research. An articulate writer and speaker, she is passionate about advocating for socially-inclusive outcomes in the design of AI-powered services. More

Fortune-Ranked Financial Services Firm

Design Research, Service Design

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Synthesizing Insights to Reimagine a Service Delivery Experience

How mapping the lived experience of various actors in a multi-layered service delivery system led to the identification of leverage points—which are key moments where the right intervention can result in strategic gains for all actors involved.

The Moment Map

Thought Leadership, Smart Services Framework, AI-Powered Service Design

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Designing for Unpredictability in the Human Experience

A Smart Services Framework that enables Design, Tech, and Data Science Teams to create goal-directed Artificial Intelligence Personas—who intervene at key moments in customers' lived experiences to help them reach their life goals.

Ingrain (Part 2)

Interaction Design, Mobile App Design

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Putting Usability ahead of Expressivity in User Interface and Interaction Design

Leveraging interactivity in designing a meal-planning experience that encourages the formation of healthy eating habits. Interaction sequences include onboarding, content-browsing, and meal-recording.

Ingrain (Part 1)

UX Strategy, Responsive Web Design

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Uncovering Insights that Redefine the MVP and Inform the Product Page Structure

Crafting the UX strategy of a meal-planning app that provides free access to the knowledge and tools to heal one's body with plant-based foods.


Design Challenge, Product Thinking, UX Design

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Addressing Pain Points in Pandora's Music-Discovery Experience

This project is a 12-hour design challenge that I completed as part of a job application process. It advanced me to the final interview round for a User Experience Designer position, and later on the job offer as well.


Digital Strategy, Responsive Web Design

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Advocating for Women's Safety Through Designing a Nonprofit's Digital Identity

Working at the intersection of strategy, design, and technology to design the digital face of a social campaign to equip women with self-defense training.